Our Clinic

For over 30 years, our Homeopathic Clinic in Islamabad has been a beacon of hope, led by the best homeopathic doctors, and has cured millions. Grounded in the principles of homeopathy, we’ve witnessed transformational healing and relief from various ailments. Our personalized approach and holistic care have earned the trust and support of the community, making us a symbol of hope and dedication to natural healing. With compassion and expertise, we continue to touch lives and foster well-being through the wonders of homeopathy.

Why Choose Us

Our Facilities

Our clinic’s laboratory excels in efficiency and affordability. With skilled medical lab technicians , we conduct various tests at reduced prices, delivering swift and accurate results.

Our Staff

Natural Medical & Research Centre have excellent staff and collection of renowned technologies and advanced machinery, meticulously designed to execute tests with unparalleled accuracy.

Our Plans

Our dispensary stands as a unique blend of modern, natural, and alternative medicine, offering a holistic approach to healthcare sector and provide best service to customer.

Our Team

Head of the Medical Team
Dr. Ghulam Sabir

Senior Consultant
Dr.Azhar Mahmood

General Physician
Dr. Marryam Chaudhary